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Erin B.

I had the most incredible trip to Spain this past October. Heather took the time to plan an unforgettable trip that gave me a true look at the culture of the regions but also includes some famous tourist sights too. I would highly recommend using her to plan your travel to Spain. She is well connected and knows some hidden gems that most travel agents wouldn’t know.

Robi K.

Heather has great communication skills and a lot of knowledge, also, she knew a lot of people in the wine industry, which made the trip, very smooth and professional. Important thing to mention, in this area people tend not to speak great English and Heather’s skill to speak both English and Spanish made the trip totally different.

Jen K.

I loved that Heather curated a custom trip for me and 3 of my girlfriends that took us from coast to coast of Spain. We covered a lot of territory in our ten days and it was a trip of a lifetime! Loved visiting the historical capital, Madrid. Walking all over the city and taking in the culture and lifestyle of the spaniards. Lunch, lunch and please feed me more lunch! I can’t say enough about the beautiful, delicious courses we experienced throughout the trip. We ate like queens and enjoyed the wines and still didn’t gain any weight! The food is so healthy and wholesome. Having two private meals with the families that run the restaurants was very special. Having private underground wine tours and spontaneous invitations to behold the Tempranillo grapes and walk among the rolling vineyards was breathtaking. Everyone we met was welcoming and generous with their time, food and wine. We traveled to the beach city of San Sebastián and got to feel the ocean. Barcelona was my favorite city and I  absolutely loved walking all over and touring the Sagrada la Família. Never have I witnessed a work of art more intoxicatingly amazing. It made me emotional hearing the story of how it all came together. Our Michelin Star dinner was extraordinary and trains and drives to each destination was peaceful, serene and insightful. I loved Spain and cannot wait to return to see more. Heather was the BEST guide. We would have been lost without her. She is extremely knowledgeable and worldly. She has connections everywhere and they all consider her family. Heather created a trip that made us fall in love with Spain. I’ve been cooking pinchos since arriving home. I miss it already. I trust Heather to guide any family or group and create an intentional itinerary of your dreams. Thank you Heather!

Sherry K.

The knowledge Heather had was amazing! She has truly studied the Spanish culture!  This was my first trip to Europe…Heather handled everything and made it so easy.

Haley B.

Over 10 days, Heather guided me through incredible experiences in San Sebastián, Logroño and Bilbao. One of the things that was so impressive was her knowledge of and connections in the with industry. During my time in La Rioja we had the opportunity to visit multiple wineries. I learned so much, tasted incredible wine and had such a personalized experience only Eat, Drink, Travel the world could provide. Heather also knows about special places not on the radar of most travel guide books. She set up a day trip to a medieval fortified village in Basque Country, where we had the opportunity to taste wine in one of their famous underground cellars. It was an incredible experience! Heather really listens to what her clients are interested in and works to customize their itinerary to ensure they have a memorable trip. I love art so Heather made certain to include an excursion to Bilbao to visit the Museo Guggenheim’s permanent collection and the Fauvism & Surrealism exhibition from the Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris. A major bucket list item for me crosses off! Finally, Heather knows the BEST locations for food. It’s not even a competition. From a cone of Gorgonzola to lamb chops cooked over grapevines, Eat Drink Travel The World will make sure your taste buds reach a state of euphoria.

Kim N.

Heather is an AMAZING travel guide! She tailored our trip around what we specifically enjoy, or wanted to be sure to see, and made all arrangements down to the details! She made it also easy for us. She also is very knowledgeable about ALL of Spain and I know we could never have had nearly the same experience without her!

Aviv M.

I just wanna say that Heather is the perfect guide! She has so much knowledge about the wine industry and knows where are the best wineries. I wasn't a big fan of wine but this trip made me fall in love with wines!! (and it's so fun to finally find the tastes that I love! I found there unique and perfect wines for me!). It was a trip of wines, interesting stories, good vibes, and have the option to feel there like a local (due to Heather's connections and her Spanish:) I was so impressed to explore the life of the locals in this area that I even started to dream to relocate to Spain one day... I can't wait to come back again! Words can't express how impressed I am!  The night-out in Logroño was unforgettable, Heather knew everything - where the best food and drinks were, with Heather's great energy ,it was a complete a local experience!!

Laura B.

I loved that every detail was planned out and all the time management to hit the points of interest. Love that you took all of our wish list activities and planned them out bought all the tickets. We just had to show up and you took care of everything. It was awesome.  I would love to use your services for more countries!!!

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